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Packaged Content Management

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I was just reading a post from Chris Baggott's blog titled Blogging Best Practices about installed vs. hosted software.  Compendium Blogware, Chris' company, is a hosted or software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that requires no IT assistance to setup.  This allows corporate bloggers to get right down to the business of blogging.  

Marketpath CMS is also software-as-a-service.  More often than not, people ask about the difference between our content management solution and installed CMS software like Adobe Contribute or Ektron.  

Here are a few of the key benefits of our content management solution:
  • It's incredibly easy! Requires no knowledge of HTML
  • Fast setup and implementation
  • 100% browser based so it is accessible from anywhere
  • No upgrades to install because software updates are applied automatically
  • No IT staff required
  • Unlimited, easily accessible support
Here are some of the disadvantages of using installed software like Adobe Contribute:
  • Usually requires some HTML coding
  • Can only be used on the PC it is installed on
  • Requires IT staff to install, implement, train, support, and install upates.
  • Per seat license fees
  • Limited support options from vendor

In the end, serious Internet marketers will choose a solution that frees them up for valuable Internet marketing and not software configuration. 


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The Auto Win

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In our office we have a game of football that involves a cup at each end of the office sitting on a table.  The object of the game is to knock the cup off the table with the football.  Whoever knocks the cup off 5 times first, wins.
The fun part of this game is that we have a few rules that make it more challenging.  For example, the football has to hit the cup and knock it off to count as a point.  Therefore, you cannot hit the table really hard jarring the cup from its perch. 
Another rule is that if the football lands on top of the table and stays their at rest, it is an automatic win.  Or if the football lands in the space between the table-top and the lower shelf, it is also an automatic win.
Here's TJ, one of our account execs, with his second auto win.  TJ pretty much dominates the game and has the longest cumulative record holding the title belt.  He is the only one to have an auto win.

 TJ Furman with his second auto win

There is a point to this blog entry.... auto wins.  How can I get more auto wins with my Internet marketing strategy?  How can I setup an Internet marketing process that automatically performs certain tasks for me and produces measurable results? 
It all starts with your message.  What do you want your clients and prospects to know?  How do you want to communicate with them?  How often?  What will you say?  How will you segment your audience?  What activity do you want to track?  How do you want to respond to that activity?  What sort of results do you expect?
Once you know answers to those questions, you can choose the delivery and tracking methods.  The tools are not nearly as important as setting your goals and defining realistic expectations.  Although, with a solid strategy and a strong, reliable toolset, you are setting yourself up for a few auto wins.

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Red Door Means Debt-Free

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Have you evear heard of people who paint their front door red when they pay off their mortgage?  Do you think this guy just paid off his car loan?

Red door syndrome, don't boast in Internet Marketing

This may be fine for your house.  You are proclaiming to the neighborhood your independence from the bank.  But don't catch yourself making the same proclamations for your business in your Internet marketing conversations. 
I'm sure you're proud that you own your office building or have stayed debt-free for decades.  That can generate a wonderful sense of pride with you and your staff.  But keep it at that, inside company walls.  Don't waste your time telling prospects how well you've succeeded.  Instead, spend that precious energy engaging with their needs and showing the benefits and results of your product or service. 
It's not about you.  It's all about them.

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