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Promoting Your Site with CMS and SEO

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Indianapolis | SEO | CMS | MarketingMarketing proffesionals all over the world are scrambling to beat their competition at the web race.  Who will finish first?  Who's marketing is the best marketing?  What techniques will put your company at the top. 

Search Engine Optimization is a buzzword that is currently circulating around the marketing world.  There are companies that charge tens of thousands of dollars, and still can't guarantee that your name will rank on the first page of the Google organic search. 

The truth is that there is no guarantee when it comes to SEO.  It is easy to rank for certain terms, because very few people are searching for them.  Other terms are nearly impossible to rank for. 

A good CMS is an integral part of attaining high organic search rankings.  If content has been posted recently, search engines look at it more seriously (would you rather read yesterday's newspaper or today's newspaper?).  Another powerful tool is the corporate blog.  I have a business associate who was able to significantly increase his search rankings simply by writing in his blog regularly.  We the people want new content!

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Tristan wrote
"The truth is that there is no guarantee when it comes to SEO." True, true, true! I've done more than my fair share of homework with SEO and optimized all of my sites. Some days, they appear on the first page of a Google search for terms I've targeted, but then other days the sites drop off the face of Planet Google. After site optimization, I've found that regular content posts are a huge aspect to SEO success. Though one of the podcasts I produce ( has shown terrific upward movement in page rank, we figure that two podcasts a month isn't quite enough juice for Google, so we'll be upping the number of podcasts released to 4 a month soon. However, our department blog,, is updated every weekday, and Google still hasn't really grabbed onto the site. But as you suggest, Colin, simply providing quality content regularly, along with optimizing your sites, are terrific first steps towards that golden Google rank! Personally, I need to focus on the regular content aspect on my other sites, and There's only so much time in the day, unfortunately!
Posted Jul 25 2008 5:08 PM
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