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Is Web Design Dead?

Posted 4:22 PM by

Grim Reaper of Web DesignThis morning I met with the president of annother web technology company who specializes in SEO.  He informed me that in the last year they began turning down all web design work.  I see this all the time.  One week a web design shop, the next they've specialized in one specific area and refuse design work.  In other cases I'll hear 'We're trying to get away from web design.  It's still our bread-and-butter but we really would like to focus on...'

What's a guy supposed to do with this info?  We've got a designer on staff, but we focus primarily on CMS.  Should we outsource all our design and focus solely on content management?  Is design something we should be 'getting away from.'  All the success stories I hear are about so-and-so who gave up web design to focus on such-and-such and now has hundreds of high value clients.

I think this trend is excellent.  It elimiates competition for web design and allows us to focus on our highest value offering.  There will always be design shops who can handle the lower budget projects that are sure to be out there, but the specialists can keep their margins high and focus on innovation.  Some days it may seem like we're splitting the web into a million pieces, but in the end new technologies will be developed, price points will become competitive, and our clients will be that much more effective in the marketplace.

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Matt Zentz wrote
Focusing is good. Spreading yourself thin into several disciplines is not good... if you're small. It's interesting that you've heard of web designers finding a niche (besides web design). The world is full of web designers. The world is not full of web designers who understand how to leverage a web site to improve the bottom line. You want to talk about web 2.0? Then let's talk about the bottom line. Web 1.0 was about what we could do.... "Hey, look at this! Isn't it cool!" or "Hey mom, I'm on the web!" Web 2.0 is about utilizing what cool, what is even cooler, and then transforming it into yummy, yummy cash.
Posted Aug 2 2008 10:58 PM
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