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Marketpath Launches New Phi Sigma Kappa Website

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Phi Sigma Kappa uses Marketpath Content Management Solution (Marketpath CMS)
Marketpath launched a newly designed and branded website for Phi Sigma Kappa that coincides with their 106th anniversary. Marketpath designed and delivered the new site, rebuilt forms to collect donations, dues, and chapter payments, and provided a Marketpath CMS account that enables Phi Sigma Kappa staff to manage existing content, create new pages, and modify site navigation.

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Golden Rule wrote
My golden rule: to be noticed, you have to be on the internet- a prime example is this website for Phi Sigma Kappa. I encourage all clubs and organizations to follow suit! Nothing makes a website more reliable than a legitimate and professional web design, rather than a messy do-it yourself one.
Posted Jan 10 2011 2:15 PM
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