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Marketpath adds video management capabilities with VideoHere™

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VideoHere video management software Marketpath is proud to announce our new video management solution, which makes adding a video to your website just as easy as it has always been to add landing pages, images and image galleries using Marketpath CMS.

Our new partnership, with, integrates their VideoHereTM video management software into Marketpath's Content Management System to provide users a more engaging experience.  The integration offers Marketpath customers the ability to seamlessly utilize video in their web pages, providing highly relevant and engaging content.  And studies show that 65% of viewers watch online video to completion, a number significantly higher than for text.  This demonstrates how video is a great way to reach online audiences and to keep visitors glued your website and message longer. 

Marketpath's video management enables you to grow your site's video presence, while also enhancing your SEO efforts and social media footprint.  VideoHereTM includes a feature that tags videos for search engines, and the video player includes features which allow the viewer to easily share videos with their network and post to social media outlets. 

Using VideoHereTM is also extremely easy, allowing you to point-and-click to upload, customize, embed, and track videos in your web pages.  Directly from your Marketpath account, you can easily manage a video library, add video to web pages, and track video metrics, including impressions, clicks, views, drop-offs, view times, and viral sharing.

For more information on this new Marketpath offering, visit

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After having an inactive account for a little over a year, Marketpath has decided that it's time to join the ranks of active "tweeters" out there.  Follow @marketpathCMS for updates on Marketpath CMS, blog post alerts, and news from the Content Managment and Internet Marketing industry.

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